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  • Autumn is a colourful and vibrant season

    AutumnLife is about like-minded people in their autumn years coming together to live vibrant
    and meaningful lives by sharing experiences, exploring new ventures and self-expressing their new found selves. We are a very special community.

  • Explore

    A space for infotainment. Members can contribute interesting and relevant information that explores lifestyle activities, travels, health and wellness, and anything entertaining.

  • Create

    Start a new chapter in life. Write, draw, paint or make something with your hands – let your spirit flow, let your heart yearn.
    Imagination is ageless and dreams live on. Here is where it begins.

  • Give

    We have amassed a great deal of knowledge, experience and wisdom to put us in good stead to give back to society. Let’s start to pay it forward.

Do you have a hot-button topic you are itching to talk about? Or, you just want to meet up with like-minded people to chat about any topic under the sun. Come to our AutumnLife meet-up sessions. Each session will be led by a member who has proposed the topic for chit-chat. This is a member-only event and is limited to the first 15 sign-ups .

Our Chit-Chat@AutumnLife is usually done in a selected cafe where the ambiance is casual and relaxing to facilitate a good chit chat over a cup of coffee or tea. The event is free for members. Members will pay for their own drinks and food at the venue.

Members who wish to suggest and lead a topic for our next chit-chat, please drop a note to

National Silver Academy (NSA) is a network of post-secondary education institutions and community-based organisations offering a wide range of learning opportunities to seniors aged 50 and above. Seniors can choose from short courses, exam free modules or other ad hoc learning opportunities. Many of these courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit, while others are available at nominal fees or free. Find out more.

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According to the World Health Organisation publication World Health Statistics 2015, life expectancy of Singaporeans stands at 83 years for both men and women. This puts us in second place after Japan, where life expectancy is at 84 years. Imagine how many more years we still have to go if, for whatever reasons, you retire at 50, 55 or 60. Living active, meaningful and happy lives after 50 is certainly a very good option. Don’t you think so?

AutumnLife is a platform created by the community for the community. This community is us who have spent our first fifty years busy living. Whatever that may mean to you, we have come through it and made the necessary contributions to our families and the society. Today, we owed it to ourselves to live a more colourful and joyful life in the years ahead.

Together, we can explore new frontiers – new interests, hobbies, skills, places, eats, wellness and beauty. We can create – recreate ourselves through various self-expressions, be it the arts, music, technology and literary ventures. We are also well poised to give back to society in various ways – pick a cause to support the way we choose to, group volunteering with a difference, and pay it forward as we wish to.

That’s how our autumn life should be.




Recent Articles

  • How social isolation is killing us

    by Autumnlife's Pick , 28 Feb 2017
    New researches in America found that social separation or lack of social connection increases the risk of heart disease by 29 per cent and stroke by 32 per cent. Socially isolated individuals especially those in middle age, have a 30 per cent higher risk of dying in the next seven years. Social isolation is a growing epidemic in the world. Declaring loneliness is seen as a stigma of admitting our failure in life.  Read more...
  • I am leaving my job and I want you to join me

    by Autumnlife's Pick , 30 Nov 2016
    The writer, a columnist, who writes for the Financial Times for the last 31 years is calling it quits next summer. She is going to teach trigonometry in a school in inner London where the shortage of teachers is worst. Rationalising her decision to walk away from the job she loves and that pays well, did not seem like a big struggle as she puts it, “But the biggest thing, which readers may find hard to swallow given my entire career has been based on ridiculing others, is that, for my next act, I want to be useful.” Read more...

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