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  • Autumn is a colourful and vibrant season

    AutumnLife is about like-minded people in their autumn years coming together to live vibrant
    and meaningful lives by sharing experiences, exploring new ventures and self-expressing their new found selves. We are a very special community.

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    A space for infotainment. Members can contribute interesting and relevant information that explores lifestyle activities, travels, health and wellness, and anything entertaining.

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    Start a new chapter in life. Write, draw, paint or make something with your hands – let your spirit flow, let your heart yearn.
    Imagination is ageless and dreams live on. Here is where it begins.

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    We have amassed a great deal of knowledge, experience and wisdom to put us in good stead to give back to society. Let’s start to pay it forward.

Part-time Work Opportunity

A non-profit organisation which runs an award winning kindergarten program in Singapore, is looking for a part-time Program Coordinator. The program is run in 20 kindergartens here. AutumnLife assists to relay their message as follows:

We're now looking for a part-time coordinator to work only 1 day a week. The role is to visit these kindergartens and get feedback from the principals on how the program is progressing at their respective kindergartens. And, send brief reports back online.
As this is a non-profit social program the Coordinator is given a monthly stipend. Working hours can be flexible as long as the work is done. Candidate needs to be genuinely interested in education and children. Good communication in English is needed.
Retired teachers would be ideal but not compulsory.

AutumnLife members who are interested in the role, and all enquiries on this, please write to directly. Respond ASAP as training starts in last week of November.

(AutumnLife is not related to and does not have any stake in the above-mentioned kindergarten program.)

Life After 50 Seminar - 16 Sep 2017

Three engaging speakers, each an active ager with a mission and a message – Autumn Life members had the chance to get inspired by them at the Life After 50 Seminar on Saturday 16 September 2017.

Helen Lim, CEO of Silver Spring and a well-known pioneer of the active ageing movement,  Chng Kai Jin, former general manager of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Doris Lung, former managing director of Bausch and Lomb (Singapore and Malaysia) were the stars of the show.  

Each of them focused on a different but equally important aspect of living well after age 50: employment and “elder-preneurship”, keeping the mind engaged and active, and staying healthy through physical activity. Read more...

                    A project supported by:  

Do you have a hot-button topic you are itching to talk about? Or, you just want to meet up with like-minded people to chat about any topic under the sun. Come to our AutumnLife meet-up sessions. Each session will be led by a member who has proposed the topic for chit-chat. This is a member-only event and is limited to the first 15 sign-ups .

Our Chit-Chat@AutumnLife is usually done in a selected cafe where the ambiance is casual and relaxing to facilitate a good chit chat over a cup of coffee or tea. The event is free for members. Members will pay for their own drinks and food at the venue. 

Members who wish to suggest and lead a topic for our next chit-chat, please drop a note to 


Chit-Chat@AutumnLife on 3 May 2017

Chit-Chat with Dr Charles Lim at The Larder Cafe

Looking at his upright posture, healthy complexion and pony-tailed grey hair, you would know that Dr Charles Lim is a different kind of 75-year-old. He’s also the one brave Autumn Life member who agreed to kick off our Chit-Chat @ AutumnLife series.

Over afternoon tea, our good doctor set out to describe his simple formula for living well. 

He still runs a clinical practice, but his views on healthy living clearly draw on experiences and observations beyond his medical training. Read more... 



National Silver Academy (NSA) is a network of post-secondary education institutions and community-based organisations offering a wide range of learning opportunities to seniors aged 50 and above. Seniors can choose from short courses, exam free modules or other ad hoc learning opportunities. Many of these courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit, while others are available at nominal fees or free. Find out more.



SmartTravel Workshop on 17 June 2017

We managed to pack 24 participants in a room that has a maximum capacity of 20 at our SmartTravel Workshop 1 on 17 June. Registrations for our SmartTravel workshops have been overwhelming with the support from C3A in promoting our event. Thanks to the support from LearnSG Seed Fund, we are able to offer these learning workshops to members of AutumnLife for free.

Travel blogger, Bino Chua, was able to engage the participants right from the start. As a trainer, he was rated highly in the feedback we received. Participants commended him for his clarity, knowledge, professionalism and, patience in answering the many questions posed during the session. We were also blessed with a perfect training venue in the iN.LAB at the Lifelong Learning Institute.

In this workshop, participants learnt to sharpen their skills in photo-taking with their smartphones, photo-editing and using Instagram to post and share their travel photos. New users of Instagram were guided to create their accounts in class. More advanced features of Instagram including the use of hashtags were explained.

SmartTravel Workshop on 22 July 2017

SmartTravel Workshop 2 kicked off with a full classroom on a bright Saturday morning on 22 July. About 80% of the participants have attended Workshop 1 in June. This time, they were eager to jump right into the session on cloud storage for their photographs and learn new apps and software for curating their travel photos and, writing travel journals and blogs.

Trainer, Bino Chua, continued to display empathetic patience in answering the many questions that came along. Participants learnt to use cloud storage like Google Drive, photo management and sharing application - Flickr, and the tips and tricks of writing travel journals. Further to that, participants also learnt about the use of platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger for publishing their travel journals and photos. A quick revision on using Instagram for micro blogging was thrown in to the delight of participants who got to do some hands-on posting in class.

                      A project supported by: 



Body Mind Spirit - An Integrated Approach to Total Health

Talk by Dr Lee Su Lan on 25 Nov 2016 at Peach Tree Orchid Studio. Read more..


Herbalicious - Cooking With Chinese Herbs

Talk by Joanna Wong on 10 Dec 2016 at Candour Coffee. Read more..

According to the World Health Organisation publication World Health Statistics 2015, life expectancy of Singaporeans stands at 83 years for both men and women. This puts us in second place after Japan, where life expectancy is at 84 years. Imagine how many more years we still have to go if, for whatever reasons, you retire at 50, 55 or 60. Living active, meaningful and happy lives after 50 is certainly a very good option. Don’t you think so?

AutumnLife is a platform created by the community for the community. This community is us who have spent our first fifty years busy living. Whatever that may mean to you, we have come through it and made the necessary contributions to our families and the society. Today, we owed it to ourselves to live a more colourful and joyful life in the years ahead.

Together, we can explore new frontiers – new interests, hobbies, skills, places, eats, wellness and beauty. We can create – recreate ourselves through various self-expressions, be it the arts, music, technology and literary ventures. We are also well poised to give back to society in various ways – pick a cause to support the way we choose to, group volunteering with a difference, and pay it forward as we wish to.

That’s how our autumn life should be.




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    by Autumnlife's Pick , 28 Feb 2017
    New researches in America found that social separation or lack of social connection increases the risk of heart disease by 29 per cent and stroke by 32 per cent. Socially isolated individuals especially those in middle age, have a 30 per cent higher risk of dying in the next seven years. Social isolation is a growing epidemic in the world. Declaring loneliness is seen as a stigma of admitting our failure in life.  Read more...
  • From Copenhagen to Singapore: A walking journey

    by Autumnlife's Pick , 01 Dec 2016
    Notably, one of the most liveable cities in the world, Copenhagen is also the most walkable. Denmark has been consistently ranked highly in global indices on education, health care, social mobility and human development. It is probably no coincidence that it is also a country renowned for its people-centric urban planning which promotes cycling and walking. Notwithstanding that it has taken the city planners over 50 years to create good pedestrian environments, the philosophy of “pedestrians as a priority” cuts across the whole Denmark. The writer then looks back at such development in Singapore and how it compares.  Read more...

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