Live Well and Be Happy

'Relish each day the joy of survival'

by Autumnlife's Pick, 15 Apr 2016

The fact that life is transient makes it so precious. This article reminds us to be mindful of the miracle of existence and to savour each fleeting moment of beauty and enjoy life’s experiences while they last. We should appreciate each sunrise, each blossom, each meeting with friends, and each cup of tea. As Gary Hayden watches a little girl blowing bubbles among the cherry blossoms in Japan, the bubbles vanished before him, he knows the blossoms will soon be gone too – he savoured that moment alongside the little girl’s father who sat nearby. Japanese hold ‘hanami’ parties to enjoy cherry blossoms which is symbolic of the fleeting beauty of life and its experiences: here one moment and gone the next.

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Gary Hayden is a philosophy and science writer.

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