Live Well and Be Happy

Undoubtedly, 2020 had been a tumultuous year for all of us. For some, it could even be a year of sadness and loss. Loss of freedom, loss of stability, loss of jobs, and even loss of loved ones. As I'm writing this, the world is still battling hard with the pandemic. 

As we stepped into 2021, let's embrace Faith, Hope and Love. We will continue to learn new things, change and transform our lives to accommodate new ways of working, playing and living. Focus on family, health and the environment. Keep our mind and body active always. Besides family, remember that friends play an important role in our social and mental health. So, my friends, have a truly blessed new year. Whatever life throws at you; all this will pass.    

We still look forward to your content contribution. Be it written articles, poems, photographs, or activities that you wish to share, we will be pleased to publish them on AutumnLife. If you have read an interesting book, please contribute to our Book Corner.

January 2021

Lessons for a 'cycling megacity'

by Autumnlife's Pick, 12 May 2016

UK architect Charlie Palmer travelled the world to find out which megacities are best for cycling for daily commuting. Increasing concerns on sustainability, climate change and pollution in crowded cities are pushing megacities to control car use while making cycling easier and safer. Charlie Palmer examined these developments in fast growing megacities in Brazil, China and India. According to him, a cycling megacity is one that helps keep residents healthy and where people are more productive at work, live longer and are happier. 

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The writer was awarded the RIBA Norman Travelling Scholarship to research on how developing-country megacities foster a mass culture of cycling.

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