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About Us

We are a group of 50+ year-olds with a vision and passion to rally men and women of this age group to live a happy, healthy and vibrantly active life as retirees and semi-retirees or working seniors. Created in Singapore, our remit is to encourage this community to ‘have a life’ after 50. Not just active ageing but enjoying retirement in Singapore. If you are not completely retired which is good, or living elsewhere other than in Singapore, we wish you all the same – a happy, healthy and vibrantly active life wherever you may be.

Autumn Life is run as a social enterprise. Based on a self-help community-build-community model, we encourage the community to contribute and participate in growing and populating this platform to achieve lasting sustainability.

The 2 founders and founding members of aim to make this a purposeful, useful and successful community portal. We provide an open and independent platform to connect with this group of people.

We invite you to join us and contribute and share with us your ideas, knowledge, experiences and interests via this platform.


Our Partners

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